The 2016 Show - the latest......


Industrial Entries must be displayed WITH an envelope attached. The envelope MUST HAVE the exhibitor's name inside AND the class number clearly on the front of the envelope !


The schedule for the show is nearing completion, but for all the growers out there who want to get started on their competition entries for the Industrial Section. Here are this year's categories :-

Pot Plants

1. Cactus 4. Foliage Plant
2. Fuchsia 5. Begonia
3. Flowering Pot Plant  


Cut Flowers

6. Vase Six French Marigolds 14. Four Roses in a Vase
7. Single Rose 15. Three Spikes Herbaceous (3 distinct varieties)
8. Vase Six Bedding Dahlias 16. One Vase Sweet Peas (upto 12 spikes)
9. Vase Three Cactus Dahlias 17. Vase Cut Flowers
10. Vase Three Decorative Dahlias (over 6") 18. Three Gladioli
11. Vase Three Decorative Dahlias (under 6") 19. One Gladioli Spike
12. Vase Three Pom-Pom Dahlias 20. Vase Three Spray Chrysanthemums
13. Six Pansies 21. Three Spikes Phlox


Floral Arts and Crafts

22. Arrangement in a Glass 29. Craft Item Small (Free choice)
23. Ladies Corsage, Dried, Silk or Fresh 30. Handwritten Limerick beginning "There wuz an auld Ewe" (15 lines max)
24. Flower Arrangement - 1 variety of flower, greenery allowed 31. Snapshot with Caption (7" x 5" max)
25. Halloween Table Arrangement 32. Snapshot Cold  (7" x 5" max)
26. Floral Decoration - The Shooting Party 33. Snapshot School Days  (7" x 5" max)
27. Painting (max size A3) 34. Favourite Plate/Cake Stand
28. Craft Item Large (Free choice)  



35. Four Round Potatoes (White) 46. Six Runner Beans 
36. Four Kidney Potatoes (White) 47. Three Beetroot
37. Four Round Potatoes (Coloured) 48. Three Carrots (Stump Rooted)
38. Four Kidney Potatoes (Coloured) 49. Three Carrots (Long)
39. Two Onions (Dressed) 50. Three Courgettes
40. Two Onions (Undressed) 51. Three Leeks
41. Four Onion Sets on a Plate 52. Collection Organic Vegetables (4 Varieties)
42. Small bunch of Fresh Mixed Herbs (Displayed in a Jam Jar) 53. Two Cucumbers
43. One Cabbage 54. Six Tomatoes
44. Dish of Green Peas 55. Truss of Tomatoes (Weight)
45. Six Pods Peas 56. Any Vegetable (CDT Garden Forum Member)



57. Jar of Preserved Fruit or Vegetable 63. Jar of Lemon Curd
58. Small Bottle of Infused Oil 64. Jar of Marmalade
59. Savoury Jelly (Named) 65. Jar of Strawberry Jam
60. Homemade Alcoholic Drink (Named) 66. Jar of Raspberry Jam
61. Flask of Soup (Named) 67. Jar of Sweet Jelly (Named)
62. Jar of Sauce for pouring on Ice Cream 68. Jar of Honey



69. Three Treacle Scones 78. Three Shortbread Fingers
70. Three Fruit Scones 79. Three Rock Buns
71. Three Dropped Scones 80. Three Empire Biscuits
72. Three Cheese Scones 81. Three pieces Same Tray Bake (Uncooked)
73. Fruit Loaf 82. Fruit Cake
74. Plain Gingerbread 83. Three Decorated Cup Cakes
75. One Scoth Egg 84. Victoria Sponge (Jam-filled with no sugar topping)
76. Three Flourless Chocolate Brownies (Recipe - Nigella Lawson) (See Below) 85. Chocolate Cake (with Filling) (Women Only) 
77. Banana Loaf

86. Chocolate Cake (with Filling)

(Men Only)


Knitting and Sewing

87. Baby Chunky Arran (Knitted) 92. Rag Doll
88. Knitted Hat (Bright Colour) 93. Sewn Article (Free Choice)
89. Any Article (Double Knitting) 94. Cross-Stitch Article
90. Tapestry Article 95. Pin Cushion (Any Craft)
91. Hand-Knitted Article (for Child Under 10 years) 96. Any Article 100% Pure Wool


Children's Section (16 years and under unless otherwise stated).

The age of the child MUST be written on the outside of the envelope

97. Three Cup Cakes 109. Computer-generated party invitation
98. Three Cheese Scones 110. Freak of Nature (Unusual/Curious natural item)
99. Three Snowballs 111. Coloured Pencil Drawing (10 years and under, A4 Max)
100. Three Pieces Tray Bake (Uncooked) 112. Artwork (any medium) - Star Wars
101. Fruit Kebab 113. A Craft Item (8 to 10 years) - Most innovative use of toilet rolls
102. Three Decorated Marshmallows 114. Animal Made from a Vegetable (Under 8)
103. Decorated Hard Boiled Egg (Painted or Dyed) 115. Lego - Free-style (Max 25cm x 25cm x 25cm)
104. Snapshot Fun (7" x 5" max) 116. My Favourite T-Shirt
105. Snapshot My Friend (7" x 5" max) 117. Hand Tied Bunch of Flowers
106. Homemand Doyley 118. Five Different Named Tree Leaves (A4 max size)
107. Necklace made from Sweeties 119. Decorated Stone (10cm max size)
108. Hand Written Recipe  


Walking Sticks

120. Plain Hornbeam 122. Any other stick
121. Woodhead  


SWI Section

Presented by Pringle of Scotland for most points in SWI Section.

Theatre Supper

Canapés After Dinner Truffles
Wrist Corsage (Fresh or Silk) Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
Hand-crafted Scarf of Stole Free Choice - Hand-crafted item


Flourless Chocolate Brownies (Makes 16)


225g Dark Chocolate (70% Cocoa Solids)
225g Butter
2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
200g Caster Sugar
3 Eggs Beaten
150g Ground Almonds


1.    Preheat the oven to 170C/Gas Mark 3. Melt the chocolate and butter gently over a low heat in a heavy-based saucepan.
2.    Take the pan off the heat, mix in the vanilla and sugar, and let it cool a little.
3.    Beat the eggs into the pan along with the ground almonds. Turn into a 24cm square baking tin.
4.    Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, by which time the top will have set but the mixture will still be gooey. Once cooler, cut carefully, four down and four across, into 16 squidgy squares